INON Rubber Bush-M11 Adapter

INON Rubber Bush-M11 Adapter

Adapter for Nauticam DSLR Housing

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Brand Inon

A fiber optics kit to connect a strobe on screw mount type fiber optics adapter which is used for INON X1-LZ/X1-NZ/X1-Z housings and Optical Converter D/TTL.
The kit consists of Optical D Cable Type L/Optical D Cable L Type L, "Double Hole Rubber Bush for Fiber Optics" and "Rubber Bush-M11 Adapter". The construction makes it easy to disassemble and access to bear end of fiber optics for self-maintenance. Packaged "Optical D Cable Type L" and "Double Hole Rubber Bush for Fiber Optics" are also usable for a housing which is equipped with a plug-in type optical connector. The "Double Hole Rubber Bush for Fiber Optics" accepts maximum two Optical D Cables where only additional "Optical D Cable Type L" is required to create dual strobe set-up. If your housing has two optical connectors like INON housings, maximum four strobes can be connected.