INON Mega Float Tube S


The Float Tube System is dedicated floating gear for Carbon Telescopic Arm series to generate extraordinary buoyancy to lighten underwater weight of camera system.

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Brand Inon

The Float Tube System is designed to attach on Carbon Telescopic Arm to generate extraordinary buoyancy underwater. Made from lower gravity and weather resistant ABS having hollow design to provide both durability and great buoyancy. Two different lengths/buoyancies are available for different applications.

Float Tube System is designed to screw on Carbon Telescopic Arm and dedicated lock ring for secure and rigid installation.

Maximum two Float Tube System can be attached on both ends of the Carbon Telescopic arm. Adjust the position/number of the Float Tube System depending on camera/housing weight and the position of the rubber grip on the Carbon Telescopic arm (*).

The Float Tube System is equipped with a accessory mount on its side to attach variety of INON products such as INON Lens Holder series and Shoe Base Spacer to have wide different configurations.

■Buoyancy: 360g (12.7oz) [underwater]
■Weight: 171g (6.0oz) [air]
■Outer diameter: 103mm (4.0in) 
■Full length: 84mm (3.3in)
■Compatible arm:
 Carbon Telescopic Arm SS/S/M/L
■Compatible accessory:
 Lens Holder for Float Arm, Shoe Base Spacer

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