INON UCL-67 M67 Underwater Close-up Lens


●The UCL-67 M67 underwater close-up lens is designed to deliver high magnification yet superior image quality best suited to full frame SLR macro lenses of focal length 60mm - 100mm with comfortable long working distance enabling easy lighting. The lens also supports mirrorless as well as compact system.

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Brand Inon

Product Specification (*1)

Model UCL-67 M67
Outer diameter / Length 70mm / 37mm (2.76in / 1.46in)
Weight (air / underwater) 340g / approx.227g (12.0oz / 8.0oz)
Lens construction 4 elements 3 groups
Focal length (underwater) 67mm (2.6in) / equivalent to +15 diopter
Magnification (*2) 2.76x (area ratio: 7.65x)
Body material / Finishing Corrosion resistant aluminium alloy / Rigid black almite
Glass / Coating Optical glass / Both side coating
Mount thread diameter / pitch M67-0.75
Depth rating 60m (197ft)


(*1) Specification is subject to change without prior notice.
(*2) When using for AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED

Compatible Lens
60mm-100mm range macro lens for full-frame SLR (*1)
40mm-60mm range macro lens exclusively designed for APS-C (*1)
45mm-60mm range macro lens (*1), standard zoom lens (*2) for Micro Four Thirds
Compact digital camera with maximum optical zoom 5x or less (*2)

(*1) Vignetting may be observed depends on the distance between master lens and lens port glass and/or UCL-67 and lens port glass.


(*2) Only usable when the focal length is between 60mm and 100mm range at 35mm film equivalent. Beyond this range, there will be vignetting at the wide side and deteriorated image quality at the telephoto side.

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