ISOTTA GoPro9/10 Housing


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Housing compatible with GoPro 9 and 10

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Brand Isotta

With the two raised buttons on the case, you can manage all the functions of the actioncam quickly and easily even with gloves.
The two displays on the GoPro are perfectly visible thanks to the large openings protected by scratch-resistant methacrylate, shaped on the shape of the screens, and a removable rear lens hood that ensures optimal viewing of the display in any light condition or situation.

The quick opening with one hand allows you to be operational in a few minutes; the rear cap detaches completely from the front body, so the inserting of the GoPro is free of obstacle.


The flat port on the housing have the same size of the original GoPro Hero 9 and Hero 10 Black housing, so that you can use all the original and universal accessories.


The materials used for the construction and assembly of the housing are of high quality such as anticorodal anodized aluminum and stainless steel.
The double O-rings guarantee the hermetic seal of all the moving and removable parts of the housing up to a guaranteed depth of 200 meters.
An hole located at the bottom allows you to secure the case with a safety strap.
An upper slide and two different holes, one M6 and one 1/4 W, on the bottom support the use of various accessories.

• 200 metres depth rating;
• All GoPro Hero 9 and Hero 10 key main controls;
• Easy one hand housing open/close;
• Double high precision and quality O-Ring seals;

• Weight: about 300 gr; (out of the water, without GoPro and with rear hood);

• Size: 105 L. x 70 P. x 81 A. mm (included button and rear hood)