ISOTTA OLYMPUS TG-6 Housing (included dual fiber optic cable adaptor)


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Olympus Tough! TG-6 (included dual fiber optic cable adaptor)The housing for Olympus Tough! TG-6 allows to capitalize on the camera full potential and to capture amazing pictures underwater.

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Brand Isotta

(Pre-order Only)

An easy to use, highly professional product has been created through techniques and innovations gained from years of experience. The housing for Olympus Tough! TG-6 perfect handling by means of an adjustable strips. Easy access to all key/main camera controls by means of clearly labelled laser-engraved longlasting buttons. The back door has a large window for a fine camera display view and it is entirely detached from the front body to make easier the camera fitting.

• 100 metres depth rating; 
• Dual Fiber Optic Cable Adaptor for TG-4/TG-5/TG-6 (included);
• All Olympus Tough! TG-6 main controls; 
• Easy one hand open/close; 
• Moisture alarm; 
• Double M67 and M52 thread mount to use additional wide angle and/or macro lenses;
• Double high-quality O-Ring seals; 
• Weight: 830 gr; 
• Dimensions: 153,5 L. x 70 P. x 112 A.