RGBlue System01 SPOT BEAM


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Brand RGblue

Product Specifications

Irradiationangle*1 5° With Beam attachment / 17° Without Beam attachment
Color rendering index
Total flux 1300lm
Maximum irradiation distance*2 400m (on land, without Beam attachment)
1-metercentral light intensity With Beamattachment
4-step brightness control (30000lux/19000lux/14000lux/9000lux)

Without Beam attachment
(Without Beam attachment 40000lux/25000lux/19000lux/12000lux)
Continuous lighting period 4-step brightness control:(70min./170min./260min./500min.)
Non-step brightness control:(70min.-700min.)
* Lighting periods are standard values when the fully-charged BM3500B is used
LED indication Remaining battery power / Blue→Purple→Yellow→Red and Error / Red flashing.
Power supply Rechargeable lithium ion battery, 3200mA/7.2V(23.04Wh).
Withstanding water depth 100meters, IPX8(JIS protection class8)
Dimensions Max.dia. Φ64mm x 150mm(excluding projections)
Weight 485g overland, 200g underwater
Materials & treatment Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy / hard anodized aluminum, PC, optical glass / chemically strengthened glass.

*1 Light distribution angle when the light intensity becomes 10% (one-tenth) of the central light intensity.
*2 Theoretical value at the distance when the central light intensity is 0.25 lux.The range varies depending on operating environment condition such as water transparency.
*3 The battery life is regarded as expired when the rechargeable capacity drops below 50% of the original battery capacity. Consequently, the battery is still usable after the battery life is expired.