RGBlue System01 Ver 3


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SKU System01-3
Brand RGblue

Product Specifications

Emission angle 100° (60° with the condenser lens)
Color rendering index
Total luminous flux Product output: Max. 2500 lm with 4-step brightness control. / Max. 3000 lm with non-step brightness control
LED indication Remaining battery: Blue (50% or more)→Purple→Yellow→Red (5% or less)
Error Red flashing
Power supply Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 3200mA/7.2V(23.04Wh)
Depth rating 100m, IPX8 (JIS Protection Class 8)
Dimensions Max. ø64.2 mm x 123.5 mm (without projections)
Weight 420g on land, 170g underwater
Materials & treatment Anticorrosive aluminum alloy/hard alumite, PC, optical glass/chemically strengthened glass
Continuous lighting period · 4-step brightness control continuous lighting period
OFF > 1000lm/310min. > 1500lm/160min. > 2000lm/95min. > 2500lm/60min.
· Non-step brightness control continuous lighting period
600lm/550min. 3000lm/45min.
· The lighting periods are standard values when the fully charged BM3400B is used.
· When the LED indicator turns red (5% remaining power), output is automatically fixed at 400lm and light continues to be provided for about 1hour.