Sea&Sea Universal Dome Port 210 ARⅡ

Sea&Sea Universal Dome Port 210 ARⅡ

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Brand Sea&Sea
By designing a dedicated mold, Sea&Sea has been able to incorporate a meniscus lens design in the UDP dome construction, which reduces the spherical aberration and beam waste. 
Therefore, the refractive power changes gradually from the center of the port to the peripheral area, allowing the different radii of curvature to create a clearer focus at the peripheral areas compared to that of conventional ports.
By using the highest optical grade PMMA material, the UDP 210 ARII has a refractive index close to glass allowing high degree of light transmission. In addition, Sea&Sea has achieved a 7-layer Anti Reflective (AR) coating to reduce internal reflection and the effects of decreased contrast. 

The port has also been designed with usability in mind, as the dome can be replaced quickly and easily on the spot in any environment. In addition, the dome is also supplied with an additional bayonet mount, that can be simply attached with the six existing screws to provide compatibility with all 3rd party Nauticam housings.
Compatible with all lenses listed on the port system chart when the port combination follows the UDP 210 AR.
Size: Maximum diameter 250 mm x depth 104 mm. Dome Diameter 210mm
Weight: 1,310g (2.88 lbs)
Depth Rating: 100 M (328 ft)
Body Material: Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy (anodized, internal anti-reflection coating)
Hood: ABS resin
Dome Material: Special optical PMMA