ISOTTA Float Arm Aluminium 50mm length 100 mm (+100 gr)


The Isotta 50 mm diameter, 180 mm long float arms with double balls are an essential accessory to adjust the distance and angle of the strobe or video light.

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SKU AS1031
Brand Isotta
The Double Ball Float Arms are modular and can be combined with different lengths in order adjust the distance of the light/strobe from the housing. The Isotta Double Ball Float Arms are created in red anodised aluminium, available in different lengths and different diameters for more or less flotation.
Technical data
• Anodized anticorodal aluminum
• Balls have an O-Ring for a better grip
Buoyancy Guide
Arm Length 45mm 180/90mm 120mm 140/150mm 180mm 220mm 300mm 400mm
2in 3in 5in 6in 7in 8in 12in 16in
25mm Dia.       0g 11g 30g 51g 85g
        0.4oz 1oz 1.8oz 3oz
50mm Dia.       140g 225g 280g 410g  
      4.9oz 7.9oz 9.9oz 14.5oz  
70mm Dia.   180g 330g 420g 540g 670g    
  6.3oz 11.6oz 14.8oz 19oz 23.6oz